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Dedicated woodland is often advertised for sale.

It is exactly what it says: dedicated. Basically, the land is under covenant to be kept as woodland for ever. This means that felling can only be practised when replanting is also practised. This procedure was started in 1947 with the aim of increasing and maintaining the growth and production of timber in Britain.

In 1952 the Approved Woodland Scheme was added to the procedure for dedicated woodland. If an owner did not wish to dedicate his woodland in perpetuity, he could agree to manage it with a plan of operations approved by the Forestry Commission.

The aim of the Small Woods Scheme scheme is to further encourage planting and timber management. It applies to small areas of woodland that are not suitable for the first two schemes, for example individual blocks of woodland of less than five acres.

All the above schemes entitle the owner of the woodland to Planting and Management grants. Further information is available from your local Forestry Commission District Officer. Of course, the aim of all the schemes is to encourage the managed growth of one of our national assets: good timber.