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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Bearing in mind that faults in planting (poor transplants, cramped roots and so on) may take several years to show, planting is clearly a critical exercise.

First, make a drawn plan of the area you intend to plant showing type, number and positioning of trees. From this plan, mark key points directly on the ground with pegs. It is essential that the transplants should be out of the ground for as short a time as possible and the roots must not be allowed to dry out in the meantime. The plants must be very well firmed in.

The actual method of planting generally has to depend on the amount of labour available but it is well worth giving the small trees as good a start as possible. After all they may be going to grow on for a lot longer than you are. While the trees are very small they are at the mercy of sheep, deer, goats and other animals. A tasty mouthful for a goat is the total destruction of your effort. It is therefore well worth putting stockproof fencing around the wood.