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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Leafmould is another crop from woodland. Well decayed leafmould packed into heavy-duty polythene bags can sell at the farm gate. If it is attractively packed, you can try local garden centres and so on.

Attractive and seasonal greenery such as holly and ivy can sell Farm Gate or to vegetable retailers at Christmas. It is also possible to sell laurel and pine trimmings to florists.

With some simple equipment such as a chainsaw and machete, rustic fencing can be produced. As most fencing is sold for an aesthetic purpose, it must have a regular appearance. Practise on your own fencing first!

Rustic furniture is most popular in rural areas. Its use in towns seems to depend upon current trends. All kinds of objects can be made: tables, chairs, benches, even bridges. Being able to display your goods to the public is very useful; quite often nurseries and garden centres will display goods on a commission basis which is very helpful if your own property is unsuitable for this.