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Having a wood in a timber-producing situation also provides other crops. The most obvious of these is firewood.

In almost every system of forestry firewood is produced. Casualty trees, early thinnings and thick prunings all produce it. If you are near a centre of population, advertising a delivery service of seasoned, cut logs can produce a good trade. In some areas, it is possible to encourage car-boot sales. Your customers can fill their boot for a few pounds and you save on the delivery costs and effort. Dry access is essential.

As in all dealings with the public a little thought goes a long way. Friends of ours ordered a ton of logs from a pleasant couple of youngsters who canvassed their business. The stipulation was that the logs were to be unloaded at the rear of the garage in the dry. Our likely lads came to deliver when no-one was at home. They deposited the load as close to the planned delivery point as they could get it, right up against the closed garage door. The whole family spent a furious Saturday morning removing the logs so that they could get the car out of the garage and then loading the logs into the rear. No repeat orders there!

Wood-burning stove customers are certainly worth wooing as they consume great quantities of wood every year. Of course, if you are not near anyone who wants your logs, you will have to become your own best customer. How about heating acres of glasshouses with a wood-fired boiler?