...A hindrance




If your problem is that you do not have enough water, your aim must be to conserve every single drop that falls on your property.

For a start, water butts at the bottom of drainpipes can collect considerable quantities. Large areas of roof are excellent catchment areas. Rain butts can be put at the end of every building, shed or greenhouse. We have several old galvanised water- carriers that push along on wheels. Although our problem is often too much water, we find them invaluable in the summer.

Really large water storage systems need to be well protected from wandering children - to protect the children. Also from passing geese and other pollutants - to protect the water. Although the ecology of a natural pond copes happily with the droppings of a few water-birds, an unmanaged water-tank does not. Very quickly the most unpleasant bugs start to develop in its depths.