...A hindrance




Running water can be channelled into a gully to create a race that can then be used to generate electricity; most romantically by a water-wheel churning away.

This could provide you with enough electricity for most of your needs; perhaps supplemented with solar power. Less romantically, any conglomeration of movable pieces can turn things. Many Heath- Robinson devices produce power from water. If someone got down to refining one of these devices, there might be a good sale for them in suitable areas. Moving water can also be used to fill ponds to farm fish. Essential for farming high oxygen consumers such as trout are fast-moving water and plenty of food.

Possibly more exciting still, you may be able to bottle your water and sell it as spring water. This requires all sorts of licences and permission; not surprising: after all, when what you think of as a spring may actually be fed from your neighbour's septic tank.

That is a bit of an exaggeration probably but not impossible! There has been a case of a health inspector quite happily doing his job and following the supplier of some bottled water bought in a supermarket back to its source. Although the product was beautifully bottled and labelled, he discovered. to everyone's horror. that the owner of the spring had been merrily putting it into bottles without any licence, or knowing its source.