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Orchard & Vineyard

...Too many apples
...Pears etc
...- Viticulture
...- Not only grapes!

Less romantic than the orchard but equally desirable is a vineyard.

In recent years vineyards have started sprouting up again in Britain. The Romans happily cultivated grapes in Britain not many years after Julius Caesar invaded us. Their growth prospered and became by tradition a part of the wealth of many monasteries. With Henry VIII's activities in that quarter, many vineyards fell into disrepair and viruses attacked the vines.

In the nineteenth century it became popular among the landed gentry to grow grapes under glass. These were for family consumption and for impressing dinner guests. Great sums of money were spent on suitable glasshouses and gardeners' lives were dedicated to producing the finest and most succulent grapes.

There were various necessities according to gardeners of the day. Whole bullocks were buried (dead ones, fortunately) under the vines to provide nourishment. If the carcass was not buried deeply enough, it often destroyed the vine. If it was planted deeply enough, it probably did no more good than a less horrifying application of bonemeal.