what to do with a fleece

From Fleece to......

A whole sheep's fleece can be the start of a multitude of projects -

The possibilites are almost endless, and all start with the raw fleece.

Whatever you want to use it for, start by sorting the wool -

first to go is the mucky wool around the rear end - complete with attached manure!


Fertilise blackcurrants, rhubarb ar any other long growing plant that requires lots of nitrogen. Make a deep trench, bury the wool, cover with soil, plant on top. This will give slowly released nitrogen over several years.

With the rest of the fleece you can:

spin knitting wool, knit or crochet a scarf, hat and gloves to keep you warm through the winter while the sheep grows another fleece.

Or spin the wool and weave a throw.

Or pluck tufts of wool from the fleece and weave a rustic rug.

Or make felt and turn into slippers, hats, gifts.

Or be inspired by the natural textures and colours of the wool to create works of art.

Or dye the wool with natural dyes, using fruit and leaves to turn white wool into a myriad hues.

Or use synthetic dyes for vibrant colours of wool.

And more!