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Farmyard manure is an essential by-product of animal husbandry, unless, of course, you keep your animals on concrete without bedding or on slats. The concrete-without-bedding saga is becoming a welfare issue. There is probably going to be action to make it compulsory to give tethered pigs bedding. If you see pigs tethered to the spot on bare flooring you will hopefully feel a mad urge to give the poor creatures some straw. Pigs love cosy beds.

Running pigs on a slatted floor is different, the floors are often constructed to feel warm to the touch well, at least warmer than concrete. We still like to see our happy pigs on their straw beds so we are enthusiastic FYM producers. It is wonderfully powerful stuff. Well rotted it will add life to your rhubarb and colour to your dahlias. It will make your grass grow lush and flavoursome. Not very well rotted and it will probably scorch the lot, it is powerful stuff.

All in all, growing grass can be a scientific progress from one biologically perfect blade of grass to the next. Or it can be like gardening on a large scale, a question of continual loving care. One important thing to remember about grass is that it grows on top of the soil. If you are aiming to have your soil in good heart, and at some stage to 'go arable', then there is no better protection for the soil than a good, clean crop of fertile grass.