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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Land Use

..Permanent Pasture

>..New Leys
...Fertilisation of Grassland
...Farmyard Manure
...Make or Buy?
...Crop Rotation
...Why Rotate?

New Leys is grassland that is sown, grazed and maintained for a few years and is then dug up. This increases the potential growth of grass in an area.

Permanent weeds are simpler to eradicate and the newest high-yielding grass seeds can be sown. New leys can be planted continuously on the same field or alternatively a grass crop can provide a break in an arable rotation. It is, of course, possible to grow the grass simply as a green crop to plough back in to enrich the land. Generally, however, stock are put on to it to graze, their dung manuring the land and the animals growing to provide a cash crop.

Different species of grass peak at differing times so if you are planting new grass in three fields you could choose different varieties. This will spread your work load at hay or silage making.