Land Use

...Permanent Pasture

...New Leys



...Fertilisation of Grassland

...Farmyard Manure




...Make or Buy?

...Crop Rotation

...Why Rotate?

Grass provides food for animals that in turn provide food for us.

On the other hand, on a domestic scale, it requires eradicating from patios and, if we encourage the lawn to grow by using fertilisers, we complain when we have to cut it.

Agricultural grass is not usually berated for growing too enthusiastically, unless of course it is growing as a weed in another crop. The aim is generally to grow as good grass as is possible on a given area and then feed it as effectively as possible to an animal that will convert it into meat or milk or simply into more animals. This kind of grassland falls into one of two basic categories: permanent pasture or new leys.