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Let us start with the concept of actually feeding people in your own home.

This often offers one of the biggest percentage profits in the food production area. People in a large number of areas can obtain passing guests using the Tourist Board lists. It is often worth asking local pubs and hotels, if they have any overflow, to pass them on to you. If you can provide a comfortable bedroom, and if possible a separate bathroom, the venture can be simplicity itself. You can put together home-produced eggs, fried potatoes and bacon to produce a breakfast your visitors will remember. If you also produce home-baked bread, home-made marmalade and jam, you will probably wind up with repeat business from your clients and their friends. To make the enterprise more profitable, offer evening meals as well. A well cooked meal based on home produce is economical for you and delicious for your guests. If your house has an unused granny annexe or something similar, you could take in self-catering guests. This is the most sought- after holiday accommodation today. Then you can offer vegetables, possibly home-produced eggs and meat to your guests.

All these 'guests' are of course of the 'paying' variety. Even if the area you live in may not seem instantly recognisable for tourism there are other kinds of business to attract. People travel for business and to see family. If you advertise, you may well tap a market that will bring in much repeat business.