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The possibilities of production using domestic appliances a food-mixer, a cooker and a fridge are considerable.

To change home-produced soft fruit into jams and chutneys takes you into a different market and means, of course, that your product has a longer shelf life. To change pork into pies and cheese into cheese- cakes opens other areas. Prepared foods can be sold into several markets. The very simplest to cater for is the direct public. The public can be fed in your home (a bed-and-breakfast type of venture), or you can take the food to them (catering for weddings and so on). These ventures are often catered for entirely from a domestic kitchen. If you intend to produce goods for sale into the retail trade, you will legally have to produce in a totally different kitchen from the one in which you cater for the family. In theory this applies to making cakes for sale from the 'farm gate' and other similar produce. In practice, very few people comply with this. Within a small radius of our own enterprise there are several houses displaying boards advertising not only vegetables and eggs for sale but also obviously home-produced cakes.