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There is also a mobile system of housing.

Today it is most often seen as a backyard chicken-run but it used to be practised extensively and may well yet return on a wider scale. Here the henhouse is on wheels. It has a run attached which is also portable. The whole structure is moved its own length once a day giving the birds access to fresh ground. This way the birds are protected from predators (at least four-legged ones), and still enjoy fresh grass, bugs and so on.

Clearly, there is a wide range of ways to keep your chickens. Many garden hens live in converted sheds with fixed runs. As long as the runs are kept fairly dry, the birds happily scratch about and produce a few eggs. The eggs are delightful to look at and quite delicious, but this is not really money-making.

Warning: do not be tempted to free range chickens in a small garden. They will move your flower-beds on to the lawns and garden paths will disappear. They are very busy little creatures.