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Keeping geese
...Getting them

Goose feathers are used for stuffing pillows, cushions and duvets.

In the USA, live plucking is practised. The geese are plucked several times a year and the value of the bird comes from the feathers. Apparently, the meat is considered to be of negligible value.

Prime wing-feathers can make quills, excellent for improving handwriting. Well-cut quills can be sold to craft outlets.

If you choose to further process your goose by cooking it, you are left with another useful byproduct goose grease. This grease has the lowest melting point of all the poultry greases. It is soft and oily with excellent waterproofing powers. A little rubbed on a dog's paws or a horse's hooves will prevent chaffing in the snow. Goose grease rubbed into dry and cracking leather restores it magically; the leather can then be washed with saddle soap and polished. Finally, goose fat makes the most delicious saute potatoes in the world.