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Keeping geese
>..Getting them

Goslings are often advertised for sale in Farmers Weekly and Poultry World.

You can sometimes buy grown geese through local newspaper advertisements. If you put a gander to every two or three females, your eggs stand a good chance of being fertile. Geese tend to 'do their own thing' if at all possible. They will wander as far as they can on your property and, if allowed to, will potter off on to your neighbours. They will remain inside sheep-netting and similar boundaries if you have clipped their wings. If you have not and they are given a little encouragement then quite literally the sky is the limit! You must bring them in at night or your Christmas dinner will be the fox's dinner instead. All those cartoons about foxes drooling with longing for a succulent goose are absolutely true. Two-legged predators also favour geese.

Geese are valuable birds and if you are not very careful about keeping them secure at night, particularly when they are plucked and ready to leave, you may well wind up as one of the growing number of victims of rustlers.

When you want to bring your geese in from ranging, just walk behind them. When you want them to go right, you hold out your left arm; if you want them to go left, you hold out your right arm. Yes, you do look quite funny doing it, however it is most effective.