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Growing soft fruits
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Summer would not be summer without strawberries and cream.

You can choose from giant, fist-sized berries down to the tiny Alpine strawberry. Strawberries can grow in herbaceous borders or in special beds their low ground covering habit can make them suitable in a low-maintenance garden and the trailing varieties look stunning on patios and terraces. You can grow them in tall, hollow pillars cascades of green with succulent red fruits.

With plenty of manure, the obliging fruit produces pounds of berries from a single plant. We grow Alpine strawberries as path edgings. One Alpine strawberry, then a lemon balm plant and so on. (The smell of lemon in the evening is beautiful and as it is a herb, it is also a crop.) The Alpine strawberries produce right through the summer and in sheltered spots you can even find the odd berry in winter. Like raspberries, the strawberry is a favourite with the birds, although at least some of the fruits are hidden under the spreading leaves.