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The flower & herb gardens
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Bouquet garnis can be made using tiny muslin squares.

Put into a cellophane outer bag and prettily labelled, they are popular in specialist groceries and as gift items. Thyme, bay, parsley and - tarragon are traditional in these little bouquet garnis bags. Put the little twig bundles on to the muslin square and tie the muslin to make a little bag. You can experiment with other mixtures. Special ones for cooking game are very nice. We add bought juniper berries to home-grown thyme and dried balm: this is delicious with wild duck. A bouquet garnis means that you can use whole spices and slivers of dried orange peel that would be unpleasant whole in a casserole.

Much of the selling of herbs lies in giving information and making suggestions. A lot of nice products such as the bags for perfuming drawers really sell because of their pretty packaging. Even herbs growing in pots sell better if the pots are slightly unusual, such as hand-thrown ones. If the thought of growing all these personable plants appeals to you but the thought of pretty packaging does not then a joint venture might be worth considering. There is bound to be someone who would enjoy doing the fiddly tying of bouquets garnis and the designing of colourful labels who would hate to be involved with growing the herbs and spices.