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Keeping ducks
..For Eggs
...For Meat
...Housing them

Peking ducks are more upright than Aylesburys but similar in colouring.

The Peking duck is slower-growing but eventually larger than the Aylesbury. It will lay up to 130 eggs a year.

Whalesbury ducks are a cross between an Aylesbury and a Welsh Harlequin - the Welsh Harlequin is itself a cross between Campbell ducks. It grows well and lays about 200 eggs a year.

A Muscovy is an odd-looking bird with red wattles. When it is mature, the flesh is very strong-tasting.

The Nantes duck is smaller than the Rouen duck and is much prized by the French.

There are all sorts of ornamental ducks such as Mandarins and Carolinas. The best way to sell ornamental birds is through local papers where you can reach other pond-owners.