livestock dictionary

Dictionary of livestock names and terms

Aberdeen Angus

Beef breed. Originally from the North East of Scotland the most numerous beef cattle in the world.


Goat Breed. Originally from France buff brown or black coat male has distinctive beard.

Anglo Nubian

Goat Breed. Pronounced convex nasal bone 'drooping' ears beige brown chestnut and mottled.


Goat Breed. Coat is mohair long 'ringlets' usually shorn twice a year.


Outdoor shelter for pigs.


Goat Breed. A small goat with horns the front area of the coat is black the rear white.


Sheep Breed. Welsh breed dark brown/black fleece white socks tail and face.


Breeds of small domestic poultry.


Beef breed. Originally from southern France will thrive in most climates.


Adult bovine.

Beef Shorthorn

Beef breed. Originally from the North East of England top quality beef breed producing marbled beef.

Belgian Blue

Beef Breed. Originally from Belgium now the leading AI (artificial insemination) breed in the UK.

Belted Galloway

Beef breed. Originally from the South West of Scotland a hardy animal that thrives on hill pasture.


Pig breed. Black pig with some white on the face characteristic 'dished' face.

Blonde d'Aquitaine

Beef breed. Increasingly popular breed originally from France.


Male pig


Goat Breed. White in colour with some red on the face 'drooping' ears.

British Alpine

Goat Breed. Black coat white 'Swiss' markings on head and legs.

British Saanen

Goat Breed. White goat excellent milk producer calm temperament.

British Toggenburg

Goat Breed. Similar to the Alpine in appearance but brown is main colour and generally heavier.


Entire male bovine over 12 months old.

Bulling Heifer

Female bovine before mating.

Castlemilk Moorit

Sheep Breed. Moorit coloured - reddish brown - breed developed from crosses between Shetland Manx Loughtan and the Wild Mouflon. Comes from Dumfriesshire.


Short cut straw used as feed. Dry waste matter from around seeds.


Beef breed. Originally from France very popular because of easy calving and fast efficient growth of progeny.

Chick Crumbs

Feed for newly hatched poultry to 6 to 8 weeks.


Sheep Breed. White sheep originally brought to the Cotswolds by the Romans.


Device for keeping supplementary food for lambs/piglets away from adult animals.

Creep Food

Specific food for young animals.


Removing lambs' tails.

Dorset Down

Sheep Breed. White sheep with black face will breed out of season.

Dry Cow

Cow that is not lactating.


Pig breed. Red in colour originally from Britain but greatly improved as a type in America.


Mature female sheep.


Action of a pig giving birth.

Farrowing House

Purpose built building where pigs give birth in pens.

Farrowing Rail

Low rail around an area where a pig farrows designed to protect piglets from accidental injury by their mother.

Fat Stock

Beef animals ready to go to slaughter.

Free Marten

Female calf of twins where other calf is male. Female is usually infertile.


Young female pig before it produces its 1st litter.


Female sheep before 1st shearing.

Gloucester Old Spot

Pig breed. White pig with large black spots placid originated in Gloucestershire where it used to live in cider orchards.

Golden Guernsey

Originally from Guernsey in the Channel Islands 'golden' coat medium/small size.

Green Goose

Goose fed on grass ready for Michaelmas.

Greyface Dartmoor

Sheep Breed. White with black 'freckles' on their faces longwool breed from Devon.


Sheep Breed from the Western Isles. Mainly dark in colour both male and female are horned.


Young female bovine up to birth of 1st calf.


Beef Breed. Originally from Britain now found worldwide docile easy calving.

Hill Radnor

Sheep Breed. Welsh sheep white with a tan face.


Sheep female over 1 year old not having lambed or young castrated male..

Kerry Hill

Sheep Breed. Hill sheep from mid Wales. White sheep with distinctive black and white markings on face

Kune kune

Pig breed. Small 'round' black and white pigs originally from New Zealand.


Pig breed. Originally from Sweden white pig will do well indoors or out produces large litters.

Large Black

Pig breed. Big animals with large drooping ears black in colour placid originally from England.

Large White

Pig breed. Hardy animal white with a 'dished' face produces large litters.

Layers Pellets

Feed for point-of-lay and laying hens.

Leicester Longwool

Sheep breed. Large size heavy high quality lustrous fleece.


Beef breed. Originally from Belgium now the largest breed in beef animals in the UK easy calving and management.

Lincoln Longwool

Sheep Breed. Produces the heaviest fleece of the Longwool breeds distinctive woolly 'forelock'.

Lincoln Red

Beef breed. One of the oldest British beeds dark cherry red coat makes good suckler cow.


Family group of piglets.


Sheep Breed. Originated in West Wales white with black face and feet.

Manx Loghtan

Sheep Breed. From the Isle of Mann. Reddish brown fleece dramatic horns.


Finely ground grain mix with minerals etc for animal feed.

Middle White

Pig breed. Docile snub nosed the children's picture book pig.

North Ronaldsay

Sheep Breed. From the Orkney Islands where it can exist on a mainly seaweed diet. Greyish red fleece.


Animal feed in easy to use nuts for adult animals - larger than pellets.

Oxford Down

Sheep Breed. Large square handsome sheep white fleece black face and legs.

Point of Lay

Female domestic poultry soon to come into lay for the first time.


Sheep Breed. Originated in Dorset white/grey fleece tan/white face.

Poultry Grower Pellets

Feed for poultry from 6-8 weeks.


Female domestic chicken before it starts to lay.

Pygmy Goat

Goat Breed. Originally from Africa small hardy and friendly.

Red Ruby Devon

Beef breed. Originally from Devon finishes well on grass makes good suckler cow.


Small weakest piglet in a litter.


Goat Breed. White large animal excellent milker originally from Switzerland.


Pig breed. Black pig with a white 'saddle' going down to front feet 'drooping' ears hardy produces large litters.


Sheep before 1st shearing.


Sheep Breed. From the Shetland Isles can be white tan or black. High quality wool.


Sheep Breed. White fleece dark face and legs medium sized sheep.


Beef and diary breed. Originally from Switzerland the most numerous breed in Europe.


Liquid animal manure.


Sheep Breed. Small delicate looking sheep originally from the St Kitt's islands brown fleece tends to moult.

South Devon.

Beef breed. Originally from Devon now found around the world will do well on grass used to be a dual purpose breed.


Sheep Breed. A Sussex breed good grass converter white fleece.


Female pig after producing a litter.


Castrated male bovine over 1 year old.


Young cattle between 6 to 12 months.


Pig breed. Ginger coloured long legs enthusiastic nature.


Sheep Breed. Originally from County Durham distinctive curly Longwool very high lustre.


Second season lamb


Ewe lamb before 1st shearing.




Sheep mating season.

Vietnamese Potbelly

Pig breed. Friendly long lived pigs originally from Vietnam and with a distinctive low hanging belly.

Welsh Black

Beef breed. One of the oldest British breeds used to be dual purpose.


Sheep Breed. Produces high quality wool will thrive in warm climates.


Male sheep castrated before sexual maturity.

Whitefaced Woodland

Sheep breed. Handsome horned white sheep.

Wiltshire Horn

Sheep Breed. These sheep do not produce wool but have a thick coat of hair they can do well on poorish pasture.