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There are many regional cheeses that have disappeared from our tables due to the centralisation of cheese manufacture.

However, it seems that we are beginning to revive old recipes and be more inventive in the dairy. Although we are now competing with the continentals in producing a Brie-type of cheese in Britain, it is not suitable for producing in a non-specialist environment. This type of cheese requires an extremely controlled environment to mature successfully. It also requires very specialist knowledge and techniques. Similar-shaped cheeses, large round flat ones, can be produced satisfactorily using limited equipment and techniques but the consistency of the cheese is not the same. Small Stiltons sell well at Christmas and you may wish to produce similar-sized cheese of a different variety for marketing at that time. Your product may require local advertising and possibly even tasting sessions - but it would be extremely nice if the traditional upsurge in the cheese market at Christmas benefited our own cheese industry as much as it does the French.