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..Siting a hive
>..As partners
...Bee hives
...Hive construction
...Smoker,hive tool,feeder
...Capture a swarm
...Buy a colony or nucleus
...Queens & drones
...The workers
...Ah! Honey
...Propolis,royal jelly,wax

Whether you intend to start bee-farming with one hive or to buy an existing bee-farm on a franchise basis (the newest method of honey production), it is important to find out whether you can get on with the bees.

Traditionally bees do not take to fornicators! Nor do they like sweat or dirty clothes. Putting together all that, pure, sweet honey is clearly best produced by pure, sweet people! It is up to you to judge whether you fall into this category or to decide to take a chance if you do not.

Many beekeepers are happy to show you some of the intricacies of beekeeping. If you contact your local bee-club, you will be put in touch with someone suitable.

Getting stung is never pleasant, even when you have developed some degree of immunity as you seem to with several stings. If the thought of being stung fills you with horror, do not go in for bees. Even honey is not worth it. However if, like many people, you are fascinated by the intricate workings of the hive and you are prepared to put up with the occasional sting, you will probably find beekeeping one of the most fascinating occupations.