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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Analysing your assets

...Your abilities

...Your space

...Livestock or jam?

...Your work pattern

...Your environment

...Your selling skills

...Your marketplace

>..Your packaging

...Your books

The method of packaging and design that you choose depends to a great extent on the area in which you intend to sell.

In an urban environment, people may well buy produce that looks as if it comes from the country but they will probably expect the label to look formal. In other words, you will have to have a label composed of formal lettering at least. In a country setting, a more informal layout is often successful. Often produce such as jam and fudge is bought by tourists and they certainly demand originality, something that they would not expect to buy at home. Tourists in this sense are rarely people who are actually staying in your area. Often the best sales of rural goods are to people on afternoon drives or short weekends. Where we live in Kent, the tourist season is strictly April to October. This is because these are the opening times for the local stately homes. It is worth analysing the activity of transitory buyers where you intend to sell. In an office environment, for example, there are peaks at bank holidays, Christmas and Easter. In the summer, people are away on holiday and you do not have a peak