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The Country Enterprise Handbook
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Analysing your assets

>...Your abilities

...Your space

...Livestock or jam?

...Your work pattern

...Your environment

...Your selling skills

...Your marketplace

...Your packaging

...Your books

However, there is one requirement that is constant in all these situations. You have to want to do something yourself and you have to be able to do what you want.

The first step has to be to analyse your own abilities. The easiest bit of the analysis is to decide on your physical abilities.

If you are strong, do you like using your strength? If you do, then pursue an enterprise where strength is valuable. Many forms of workshop production, such as tanning and woodworking, are easier if you are strong and in livestock enterprises where the animals are bulky (suckler cows, for example), it is useful to be able to carry sacks full of feed with ease when lesser mortals would struggle.

If your strength is limited, use your gentler touch for keeping bees or rabbits, or growing lightweight crops, salads or flowers. Spinning from a raw fleece is satisfying and a true craft.