Analysing your assets

...Your abilities

...Your space

...Livestock or jam?

...Your work pattern

...Your environment

...Your selling skills

...Your marketplace

...Your packaging

...Your books

In some fields, such as opera singing, you require only yourself, in a healthy state. If you wish to keep a hundred head of deer, you require at least a hundred acres of land, surrounded by a fence at least six feet high. Between the two extremes there is a multitude of possibilities for country enterprises.

At the very simplest you can make country-style produce, buying in all the raw materials and producing it in an urban kitchen or shed. You could make delicious raspberry jam from berries bought in a street market or you could make traditional furniture using wood bought from a do-it-yourself supermarket and polished with your own concoction of turpentine and beeswax (you can buy the beeswax, you do not even have to keep the bees).

If you have a variety of buildings at your disposal, say a few stables and a pole barn, your choice of enterprise widens to include the possibility of keeping livestock. Without the buildings but with a little land you can produce vegetables or fruit and keep bees and some chickens.

With a lot of land and buildings you have the widest choice of enterprises. This probably makes the choice all the more difficult; choice is easiest when you have only a few options.